Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I don't know, what do you think?

a hostile work environment?
I mean I get it, it's Halloween... but really? This is appropriate decor for a probation office... where clients are on probation for crimes that might include violence, assault, attempted homicides, menacing? I'm just saying.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Frick and Frack

On a daily basis, as I see things that seem mysterious or humorous, I often imagine it as a movie or documentary. Saturday night it was an apron on the side walk downtown. Black in color, no logo, just laying there next to a bench. Hmmmm.... the possibilities of stories behind that.

After this morning I have now seen 2 dead mice outside of the Convention Center.

How could it fit into my complex mental plot? Where are they coming from? A kitchen? An underground world? How did they meet their end? What brought them out to the busy sidewalk?

This evening it was Frick and Frack - we've gone to the local auto shop twice now, both times to get batteries for our cars. On both events, the same two guys were working. A young assistant manager with a crazy lisp (that isn't quite a lisp because it's on the sides of his mouth) and his senior assistant. We give the model and make of the car - they both go to their computers and it looks like it's going to be a race but Mr. Senior, older and wiser, stops his search to let his manager be the one to find the answer. Manager goes to get the battery, Mr. Senior offers to help, manager assists he can do it on his own. This has happened twice. Two times. On two different occasions we have watched the same scene play out. What is their story? And if the movie/novel was about Mr. Senior would we see his earlier days of success now followed by a remedial job due to the suffering economy, where he keeps his mouth shut and takes orders from his lispy boss? Or what if it was about the manager? Would we see him stay late at the shop to avoid going home to a lonely studio after a day of feeling knowledgeable and competent after working with an older guy who hasn't yet memorized the codes for all the parts like he has?

The list goes on, it's free entertainment in my head. It's what feeds my desire and urge to eavesdrop in restaurants and on public transportation. Now if only I could get the real stories.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spice up the hum drum

This month marks #10 of employment at this "new" job. It also marks the 10th month of being married to a wonderful man and 10 months of being so happy he asked me to be his bride and 10 months of enjoying life together. But back to this job - I detest it. In the excitement of getting married and moving to the big city, in the midst of co-workers questioning my decision to transfer to the office with the bad reputation, I dismissed it - how bad can it be? I couldn't justify commuting - that would be crazy. So 10 months now and every Sunday evening comes with a gloom cloud tainting it because Monday is close. Fridays never come soon enough. Coffee runs every morning don't make it taste better. Most days I feel incompetent despite being in the biz plenty long. I regularly wonder if I'll ever make any healthy friends. There is something incredibly unfriendly about the group. I swear I've gotten snarls in the hallway for no reason.

In effort to find enjoyment in the mundane and sometimes painful, I have found some true treasures around the place.

Love Awaits You Here: someone has taken it upon themselves to point out the hidden treasure of this ugly, uninviting business building. I loved it the first time I saw it. When I take the time to notice and appreciate it - it brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart. I am continually pleased that no one has removed the paint job or covered it in brown to camouflage the beautiful graffiti.

The Sad Bathroom Boy: There is a set of bathrooms in the hallway. Someone has taken it upon him/herself to give this guy a sad demeanor. I hear you, I feel the same way.

The Happy Potty Girl: No worries for this little lady. She's turned that frown upside down.


A couple weeks ago Matt and I had a picnic date. Well... really the date consisted of Thai take out from our favorite spot and a short car ride to Washington Park. I have to say I love Wash Park. It is shamefully yuppy but I love the people watching while still feeling safe and the fact that there are two little bodies of water to walk past make it much more enjoyable than a walk through the residential neighborhood near the apartment. We sat near the walking trail - perfect for people watching, and near the gardens - perfect to take in the last blooms of summer. After our scrumptious meal we walked past the boat house on the water. I've seen it packed with people and catered on evenings. I think it would be the perfect spot for a gala of sorts...particularly if you can set it for the sunset. This night, we could see people dancing and hear some music. How fun! What could this be?
We arrive to see an odd collection of people dancing to a random selection of exotic, foreign music. After watching for a while it is clear these aren't people who have just stopped by and joined in on the dance, they've come for the dance. Hmmmm, is this some kind of foreign dance class? There are clearly specific dance moves and I can see some of the confused/insecure dancers intently studying the feet of the pros. It isn't until the song," Sixteen going on Seventeen" comes on that I realize this isn't an exotic dance... this is a group of weirdos that have made their own regimented moves to music. Now I am noticing the women aren't very feminine and the men aren't very masculine. An awkward looking group of people. There is a lot of touching during the dancing. People are serious! They are sweating and taking breaks and in between songs some of them are seriously trying to learn the correct moves. One man is friendly withe ladies, another has a biker look but his tough exterior vanishes while he flails he hands in the air while he moves.
It is strange to me, I could watch for hours but Matt is ready to go. We try to figure out what drives the people to come. Are they hoping to connect with other people? Does this make them feel more cultural? Is it for the exercise?
After a google search, I've learned it is, indeed, called Ethnic Dancing. huh

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wow, it's been awhile.
Life has been wonderful, busy, stressful and sad. Who has time to blog?

Without a ton of detail, here's what's been going on:

I turned 30! And what other way to celebrate such a milestone than to celebrate in a foreign country?! and visit your little sister as she works in Italy?!
We had a great time. We arrived in Rome - which was an exhausting city filled with so much history... and graffiti. Then we traveled to Vicenza, a sweet little town with cute cafes, snazzy shops and charm, to see Cadena and her life in Italia. We took day trips to Venice, a beautiful and enchanting city, and Verona.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Music Scene

What I'm loving about this big city scene is the live music. We've been able to enjoy a few great concerts. Concerts, that back in the day would've meant a commute to the city and a long, late trip back. Who would drive? Where would we eat? Could we get off work early?
Now, it's just a little drive, or light rail trip. 

I was able to get tickets to a sold out concert, Adele, a couple of months ago. It took some craigslist research and meeting a strange man on the side of the road in LoDo and refusing his generous offer for a ride to the show, but it was fantastic. 
A couple of weekends ago we went to see Greg Laswell in some sketchy club mostly known for their punk bands. It is extra special to feel safe at these random places with a protective strong man at my side. 
We love the Walnut Room, a venue that has local performers, as well as some up and coming artists. It happens to be where we went on our second date to see Basia Bulat and while dating, fell in love with Will Dailey. 
We also got to see Autumn Film for free at a bbq joint that has live music. 

I've said it before, there's just nothing quite like listening to an artist/band perform their music live, listen to their in-between stories and get a sense of their personality... and sing along out loud or with quiet lip movements.

I could get used to this!